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U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Academy
Madison Building, Room 209
Quantico, Virginia 22135
February 8, 2001


Rev. Dennis L. Erlich
inFormer Ministry
555A South Roxbury Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Dear Rev. Erlich

I have received your letter of January 25 regarding the article. "Interacting with 'Cults': A Policing Model." It is always gratifying to receive constructive feedback from our readers. Your comments regarding the article have been forwarded to the article's authors so that they may consider your comments when preparing articles on a similar topic in the future. Your letter also has been distributed to our editorial staff so they may consider your views when editing future article on this topic.

The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin is designed to provide a forum for professionals in the criminal justice field to present information on a wide range of issues facing the law enforcement community. It is essential for all of us in law enforcement to maintain an appreciation for the divergent viewpoints so that we may continue to advance our mission to protect the public in the most effective and safest methods possible. Thank you again for your prompt and sincere input.

John E. Ott
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Dialog with Lt. Rod Gregg regarding my comments on the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.

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